We provide Hummer Hire and limos for your big day or event.

Being one of the first companies in Midlands to offer luxury super sized Stretch Hummers, you now have the opportunity to enjoy the HUMMER limousine experience at great prices.

Hummer Limo Hire

16 Seater Hummer Limo Hire. Feel like a princess with this deluxe 16 Seater Pink Hummer Limousine


Amazing Super Stretch Hummer H2 Limo Stand out from the crowd in this ultimate party machine, Arrive like a Rock Star


Corporate Hire We have extensive experience in the limo hire industry, organising all forms of limo transport.


Bookings or last minute hire Call today for a quote or any assistance in organising your next special event.


Whether it is your wedding day, corporate function, prom, christmas party or any other special occasion you can travel through the Midlands in style and be a super star for the day with 1 to 16 of your friends, in our Monster Hummers which will make you feel like the toast of your town.

Hummer Lights Fibre optic lighting enhances your experience with the changing colours makes your hummer ride even more memorable. DVD screens positioned in easy to view positions and a outstanding sounding sound system, well what more can you ask for?

The Knockout Hummer Whatever you are looking for, We can provide. We make sure that the little things are never overlooked. Our hummer hire team will ensure that your needs are met and that you’re treated like a star. What else would you expect?

Wedding Car Hire for a Late Booking

Due to the numerous activities you want to achieve prior to the day, you tend to forget certain matters that are indispensable to produce the event a unique and memorable one, among which is reserving a wedding car.   We frequently neglect to put it in our strategies and particular problems might be generated due to these activities.

Booking your Wedding Car in a Hurry

When specific issues arise like needing to reserve a car for the wedding, then you shouldn't panic.   Alternatively, you need to concentrate on the things that you can do in order to take care of the issue.   Should you forget to reserve a wedding here are a Few of the steps you can perform:
1.          Do not get desperate.   Despite the fact that there are opportunities that the wedding won't go as you intended, there are chances where you may perform better. 
2.           Don't fret as there are many companies out there on the market that are eager to provide services on a really short note.   You simply have to know where to find or attain them.
3.          Flexibility is vital.   Some things in life strangely happen, but we must remain prepared.   You may hire a vehicle which isn't so lavish but may even decorate with the event.

It is possible to make arrangements with a business which permits customers to employ their automobiles on short notice.   You simply have to place your itinerary, suggest a contract in addition to your insurance so that you may guarantee yourself a wedding will bring and induce you to your church and reception place.   Wedding cars are crucial to generate a wedding as unique as possible.   Picking the right car for you and your spouse is really going to add to a game made in paradise.   Steal the eye of the audience and hire a wedding automobile that will truly blow away your customers

Plan Ahead
Planning beforehand is the secret to truly have a successful occasion.    Don't forget to set up a contingent plan if your main plan fails.    One failed detail might angry all the things you have worked for.

Stretch Limousine - The Wedding Car of Your Dreams
When you hear to the term "limo", you always connect it with power and wealth.  We constantly see wealthy people and politicians that are famous utilize limousines when they move by their daily pursuits.  But do not fret, you could also avail of the assistance of a limo though you do not have too large an assets and possessions.  At this time you may also hire a limo for your wedding services.

The Limo Hire

It's a mentor constructed and comes in conventional colours, usually black or white.  The limousines are famed for special events like proms and important events.  Renting one usually includes a chauffeur who'll trip or drive you through the sights of both towns and cities.  However, limousines will also be most widely utilised in weddings because bridal automobiles.

Stretch Limousine For The Own Wedding

If you would like a wedding that's quite memorable, then you should plan in advance.  Select the subject of your wedding which satisfies both you and your prospective spouse.  Pick the best place for the wedding, however, do not forget to engage the services of a wedding car which fits you best.  A normal wedding car which won't just supply you with relaxation but also offer you the elegance of a wedding that you always desired for is your stretch limo.  Employing a stretch limo lets the couple to get a fantastic ride.  Most wedding limousine hire businesses permit you to avail of a bundle which offers services in the church into the airport.  This is a superb way to slash the weight of searching for a ride in your special day.  At this time, you can unwind and revel in spending the day together with your companion in life.

There's a good difference once you take time to organize your wedding.  Do not squander your time in focusing on things that are materialistic.  Be sensible.  Concentrate on the details that are crucial to make your wedding that the very best and most memorable on your life.  Begin your own life together with your new spouse with a joyful note.  Traveling with a stretch limo and arrive at your wedding style.  All your preparation and hard work will pay off since having a stretch limo won't simply supply you with the sophistication and luxury of coming in fashion but will also provide you a day that's memorable.  You just have to enjoy the day and have a breath and savour your special moment!